New Feature: Drip Campaign Optimization [Open Beta] – UPDATED

[UPDATE 1: 2017-03-27 | Open Beta Released!]

The Open Beta of our Drip Campaign Optimization feature is released!

The Drip Campaign Optimization feature will let you setup A/B/N versions of emails in your drip campaigns. Mizy (our algorithm) will learn which are the better performing variations automatically, without any need of manual intervention.

It not only optimizes the sending weights of emails separately but will send the best performing email variations chain!


In case you are our Awesome Beta Tester, please follow the steps below to be able to test the feature:

STEP 1: Build a drip campaign

1. Firstly create a Contact Tag:
1.1. Go to Contacts/Complete list
1.2. Click on “Add new contact”
1.3. Write an email address
1.4. Write a Contact Tag (e.g. Test)
1.5. Hit “Save and Exit”


2. Set up a Tag trigger in a new drip campaign:
2.1. Go to Automation/Workflows
2.2. Click on New workflow
2.3. Set a name (e.g. Test)
2.4. Choose Gets a tag trigger
2.5. Pick the tag you created previously (Test in this example)


3. Set up your drip campaign:
3.1. Click on the + mark
3.2. Choose Do this (action)
3.3. Choose send e-mail and pick an email from the drop-down menu (e.g. “Blog subscriptions – Thank you!_Automizy default”
3.4. Set the links as possible goals in the drop down menu of the pop-up
3.5. Hit Save
3.6. Click on the + mark again and pick Wait for
3.7. Set how long you want to wait (e.g. 1 minutes) and hit Save
3.8. You can build your drip campaign further if you want


STEP 2: Setup Mizy (our algorithm)

1. Set up B version of your email for testing:
1.1. Click on the Email sendig box you set up previously
1.2. Choose Send email on the left
1.3. Click “Create variations”
1.4. Click on the “B” box – It copies the “champion variant email”.
1.5. Click “Edit email variation” to change the B email variation
1.6. Now I will test subject line, therefore I change it – If you want to test other things, just change. You can test Sender name, Sender email, Subject line, Body Copy, CTAs, images, anything.
1.7. The tracked links should be the same for the variation as you set it in the main email.
1.8. Save and Exit


2. Set up your optimization goal for the drip:
2.1. Click on Conversion goal settings (Target icon)
2.2. Turn on Email Open tracking
2.3 If you want Mizy to stop your leads after your goal is reached (in this case opened your email), click on the box. It is good for drip campaigns with more email sending actions in it.
2.4. Save


3. Turn on Mizy:
3.1. Click on the + mark
3.2. Choose Automatic Optimization Settings
3.3. Activate AI
3.4. Select the goal type you set previously, in this example “Open an email”. It means Mizy (our algorithm) will optimize your drip campaign for higher open rate.
3.5. Save


4. Activate your drip campaign:
4.1. Click Save And Close
4.2. Activate the automation


STEP 3: Send traffic to the drip

1. How to gather contacts to Automizy database:
1.1. You can upload a CSV file with contact lists
1.2. You can use our Unbounce integration to collect contact information
1.2. You can use Automizy forms to make people subscribe too

2. How to send contacts to the drip:
A, Uploaded from csv:
2.A.1. If you put your contacts on a segment, you just have to go to the segment contact list, click on “Bulk Actions” and add the tag to everyone on the list that triggers your automation.

B, Form subscription or API-call:
3.A.1. If you use forms (or API-calls), you need to create a new workflow with the specific form trigger and add a Tagging action with a tag that triggers the previous automation.

Explainer video: