New Feature: Data Update Page (GDPR)

Your subscribers have to be able to modify what data they share with you. According to GDPR you only have to share this data with them if they ask for it and change it if they tell you to do so. But it is a difficult and slow process that’s not enough for your subscribers – they want transparency and trustworthy companies.

Therefore, we are introducing Data Update Page.

What is a Data Update Page and why is it good?

Data Update Page is a web page where your subscribers can edit the information they shared with you. They can reach their page by clicking a specific link in your emails’ footers.

It looks like this for your subscribers:

Data modification webpage


How to setup your Data Update Page?

Firstly, share the custom fields you want to be shown on the Update page.

  1. Go to Settings/Custom FieldsCustom Field list
  2. Now you see the list of custom fields you use currently. Click the down arrow next to a custom field (right to the “EDIT”) which you want to be shown on your Data Update Page for your subscribers.Split button
  3. Now choose “SHOW ON UPDATE PAGE” optionShow on update page
  4. After you click on it, you will see a blue eye icon appear on the custom field you chose. It means that custom field is published on your Update Page.Eye icon

Secondly, add the Update Page to your emails.

  1. Create a new or an existing email (drag and drop email), got to the builder and click on the footer blockClick footer
  2. Now click the Unsubscribe option on the right side barclick on footer
  3. Scroll down and you will see the “Data Update Page text” tittle. You can customize the anchor text in the box below. When you modify it you will see that the anchor text of the URL is changing in the footer on the left.Anchor text for Data Update Page

How to preview your Data Update Page?

Just send a preview email and click the link in them email that lands in your inbox. You will see dummy data on the website as it is a preview of the Data Update Page.

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New Feature: Export your contacts report easily

Reporting on your subscribers is important, especially if you want to use Excel. But exporting your whole database might take long and makes data handling difficult.

This is why you can export your whole database or export only subscribers that you filtered in Automizy.

How to export contacts?

  1. Go to Contacts menu
    Contacts menu
  2. Click on the “View” button on a list you want to export the contacts from
  3. Filter for the contacts you want to export (or if you want to export everybody from this list, skip this step)
    Filter for contacts
  4. Click “SELECT ALL”
  5. Click the “EXPORT” button
  6. Wait for the CSV to be downloaded, it might take a few minutes.
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Product Update: Add Required and Non-Required fields to your Signup Forms

Collecting information about your subscribers is crucial in order to be able to send relevant, personalized emails. One part of this information is Required (such as email address) and other part of it is optional (anything that isn’t necessary to your emails).

Therefore, from now on you can set whether a custom field in your form is required or not!

How to set up required fields in forms?

  1. Edit or create a new Signup form in the Contacts/Sign up forms menu
  2. Go to the form builder
  3. Click on a form field on the left (the visual editor)
  4. In the slider bar on the right you will see the options
  5. The last option is a checkbox with a text “Required field” that is checked by default. It means that your fields has to be filled out by your subscriber in order to be able to submit your formrequired field in form
  6. If you uncheck this box, the field becomes optional and it is not necessary for your subscriber to fill it out to be able to submit itnon-required field
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New Feature: Show your subscribers a Preference Page

In case your have multiple newsletters or you send emails in different topics, you can let your subscribers what type of email communication they are expecting from you.

This is the Preference Page.

What is a Preference Page and why is it good?

One picture tells more than thousands of words – so this is how a preference page looks like in Automizy:

Preference Page

Basically, the Preference Page is a website where your subscribers can customize the emailing experience they get from you.

For example a subscriber doesn’t want to get your Promotions but still interested in your blog articles, therefore:

  • she clicks the “Manage Preferences” link in one of your emails’ footer instead of unsubscribing completely,
  • arrives to the website you saw above,
  • unchecks the “Promotion” option
  • and updates her email preferences by clicking the button.

Viola! You don’t lose a subscriber completely – she just tells you what she wants to receive from you and it happens automatically!

How to customize the anchor text for the Preference Page in your emails?

  1. Create or edit a campaign made by drag&drop email builder.
  2. In the email editor click on the footer block (the last section of your email)
  3. In the slider bar on the right choose the “Unsubscribe” tab
  4. Scroll down and you will see a “Preference Page text” block below the “Unsubscribe” block
  5. Customize the anchor text that is by default “Manage preferences

Manage Preferences

In an email it looks like this:

manage preferences in email

How to add categories to your Preference Page?

Preferences are basically your lists you add to your Preference Page. Here’s how to show a list on your Preference page:

  1. Go to Contact menu, to the lists pageContacts menu
  2. Click on the split buttonShow list on pref page
  3. Pick the “SHOW ON PREF. PAGE” button and you will see a blue eye icon appear on the list, next to the number of contactsShow on preference pageYou can add as many lists to be visible on your website as you want. You can hide them following the same process.


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Product Update: Build GDPR compliant signup forms

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be compulsory for your from 25th of May, 2018. If you want more info on what is GDPR, read this article.

Therefore, we are introducing GDPR compliant signup forms in Automizy!

How to add Privacy and Terms of Use links to signup forms?

  1. Edit or create a new Signup form in the Contacts/Sign up forms menu by clicking the “Create Signup Form” button on the right of the screen
  2. Name your form
  3. You arrive to the form builder.
    On the right slide bar, you can see 2  new check boxes, the second one is checked.Privacy link boxIf you uncheck it, you can see that the text below the button on the left part of the screen (where the form preview is visible) disappears. So don’t uncheck it.If you click into this new block in the form, the options appear on the right slider bar with this text in it:”By submitting this form, you agree the Terms of Use and Privacy of the website.”


    You can edit the text and the links in it. Always change the default links to your webpages as those are just example URLs!

    How to add explicit consent checkboxes to your forms?

    1. Edit or create a new Signup form in the Contacts/Sign up forms menu by clicking the “Create Signup Form” button on the right of the screen
    2. Name your form
    3. You arrive to the form builder.On the right slide bar, you can see 2  new check boxes, the first one is unchecked by default. Click it!On the left side of the screen in the form preview you see a new block becomes visible above the button. It has a checkbox and a text next to it.consent-checkbox-on

      In order to customize the checkbox’s text, click on the block in the form preview.

      In the right slide bar you will see an input field with this default text in it:
      “I consent to having Automizy collect my name and email.”


      Don’t forget to customize this text for every input field you have! You can also add links to your texts.

      GDPR doesn’t require you to add this checkbox to your signup form, but we think it can be a good thing in specific cases to add a plus protection to your website visitors.

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New Feature: Add emojis to your Subject Lines and Email Copy

The fight for your subscribers’ attention is difficult. Standing out in inboxes is a challenging task due to the fierce competition. You have to be unique, visually recognizable and you have to grab the attention of your subscribers right away.

Therefore, we are introducing EMOJIs in Automizy emails.

How to add emojis to my subject lines?

When you edit, create or duplicate a newsletter or automation email, you can see that next to the subject line input field a new element appeared: a smile icon. If you click it, you will see a popover with tons of emojis in it. Pick one and it will add the emoji to your subject line where your cursor is.


How to add emojis to my emails bopy?

You can add emojis to the body copy of your email too. Just search for an emoji on getemojis, mark it with your cursor, copy it and insert it into the body copy of your email in Automizy.

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New Feature: Introducing Next Generation Lists

Although’ filtering based on contact information is the best way to segment your subscribers, there are specific use-cases when sorting into different lists might be useful.

Therefore, we are introducing Lists.

Next Gen Lists

What are Lists and why is it “Next Generation”?

Lists are basically groups, where you keep your subscribers. You can import subscribers from CSV files, add them manually, or they can subscribe via forms or integrations to your lists. And you can send them newsletters or pull them into automated email sequences using the “Subscribers joins list” trigger.

It’s a very handy tool to manage your subscribers. But why is it different than other solutions on the market?

Because Automizy Lists are smart. If you add 1 subscriber (e.g. to your Newsletter list, and you add the same subscriber to your customers’ list too, it will count as 1 subscriber.

Great, who cares?

Well, actually it IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU! Because this way you will pay for 1 contact once, no matter how many lists he or she is on. There won’t be any email duplications!

On top of that, you can’t accidentally spam your subscribers if you send a newsletter to 2 or more lists and 1 contact joined every list you have!

That sounds better, eh?

What can you do with Lists?

If you have 2 or more lists, you can easily manage your subscribers manually and automatically:

  1. Import or add contacts manually to lists
  2. Move contacts to other lists manually or automatically
  3. Pull subscribers into an automation when they join a specific list
  4. Use a list as a condition in your automated sequences (whether a subscriber is on a specific list or not)

How to use Lists?

We recommend using multiple lists only for different life-cycle stages (e.g. newsletter subscribers,  leads, customers)  and for only completely different stakeholders (e.g. business partners and customers).


In the short run, it doesn’t count at all… But believe me: you will have a hard time to filter your contacts later on if you don’t add them to the MAIN LIST, too.

And one important note: use Tags and Custom Fields for filtering purposes (e.g. what ebook they downloaded, geolocation, company size, company type, age and more).

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New Feature: Live Filtering makes it easy to Segment your Subscribers

Effective email marketing is all about proper segmentation – every marketer knows that. The better you segment your audience the higher your ROI will be.

Therefore, we introduce Live Filtering to help you segment your subscribers as easily as never before.

Live Filtering

What is Live Filtering?

Live Filtering is an Automizy original feature: it makes it easy to find a set of subscribers that have something in common (e.g. subscribers over a specific age, downloaded an ebook, paid, subscribed in a specific time period, etc.).

Not only can you easily find people in your database, but you can also save them and reuse the same search criteria (filter) later.

In addition, you can easily send them emails using saved filters. So you don’t send the same email to your whole list but you can send relevant offers based on life-cycle stage, interest, geo-location and more.

send newsletter to saved filter

Not to mention that you can filter for subscribers when you send your newsletter if you previously forgot to do it – without leaving your actual newsletter sending journey.

There’s nothing more annoying than realizing that you forgot to segment. So you have to quit your actual email sending process just to create your filter.

In Automizy you can filter your subscribers any time without leaving the newsletter sending process. Saves a lot of time and stress…

Newsletter New filter

What can you filter for?

You can filter subscribers based on different types of data:

  • they have or don’t have a specific tag(s),
  • they have less or more than a specific lead score,
  • they joined your list before or after a specific date,
  • has a specific email address, name, company or website,
  • is unsubscribed or bounced,
  • was imported from a specific CSV,
  • and for any custom field you create (e.g. source, geo-location, age, buyer persona, payment size, etc.).
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Product Update: Introducing a completely new look for Automizy!

Automizy got a completely new look to provide a better user experience! We worked hard for months to make your life much easier: The newly released Automizy 1.5 reduces the number of clicks and the amount of time you need to send newsletters and build automations.

Shortcuts to save time

The first and most important thing is that you get shortcut icons to your dashboards. These icons help you do your most important tasks as fast as never before! Such as importing contacts, building forms, sending newsletters or planning automations.

New Dashboard

Send amazing newsletters in few seconds

Send your newsletters like it’s a walk in the park. Duplicate your previous emails in order to send the next one faster! Choose built-in templates, write Gmail-like simple emails and upload your own HTML templates without any stress.

Also, you can easily filter for your sent, scheduled or draft emails – so finding newsletters is much easier.

New Newsletter table

Plan ahead and execute automated email campaigns faster

The Visual Automation Builder is not just for execution anymore – plan & build automated journeys ahead and add fill it up with content later!

For example, you came up with a great ebook idea for lead generation. You can just sketch the sequence quickly and add the subscriber form (that triggers the automation) and the emails when you finish the design.

New Automation Builder

Find the features you need

The new menu structure lets you find the features you need quicker. The main menu items are listed on the left sidebar, and you can toggle between the sub-menus using different tabs.

Also, you can find any deeper-level settings in the Settings menu if you click the Settings icon in the left bottom corner of your screen.

New menu system

New User Experience: “not our hero but a silent guardian”

We worked hard to create an astonishing experience for you.

dark knight

We believe that reaching your business goal is important. But HOW you reach it is just as important.

Automizy’s new look not only helps you achieve your goals but also makes the process very intuitive – so from now on email marketing will be much more entertaining and not just a mere job that has to be done.

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Product Update: New, Easy-To-Use Form Builder

You told us that you’d like to build HTML forms in Automizy in an easier way. Therefore we’re introducing you the new form builder that makes you life easier via its intuitive interface and you don’t have to insert any script to your web page to make it work!

The new form builder is easy, intuitive – you can build your HTML forms in just a few minutes. When you satisfied with it, just copy the generated HTML and paste it to the correspondent place in your web page and it’s working without inserting any tracking script!

How to create a new form:
Step 1: Go to Contacts/Forms and click “CREATE FORM”

Build new form

Step 2: Name your new form

Name your form

Step 3: Now build and customize your form:

Add new fields that are already mapped into Automizy custom fields:
Add custom fields

Add styling of the whole form (set the background color, width of the form and more):

Customize the whole form

Rewrite and stylize the different parts of your forms (the form title, subtitle, the form fields and the button):

Customize the sections of the form

Add different form actions (send the subscriber to a built-in thank you page, to a custom URL, send thank you email and add tags):

Add actions to the form

Step 4: When you built your form, just click on the “INSERT” button, copy and paste the generated HTML code to your web page and track as new subscribers are appearing in Automizy database!

Insert HTML code

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