Product Update: Trigger your automations for contacts that are already on your list!

Up until now you could only send new contacts to your automations with list or tag trigger. From now on you can decide whether you want to pull in contacts that are already in your Automizy account!

How to do that?

  1. Create an automation with “Joins a list” or “Gets a tag” trigger
  2. Publish it
  3. You will see a popup that asks whether you want to pull in only new contacts or you would like to pull in your existing contacts too.trigger existing contacts
  4. IF you choose “NO, PULL IN ONLY NEW CONTACTS”, naturally the contacts that are already on your list or have this specific tag won’t be pulled into this automation. It will be applied only to new contacts.
    But if you choose “YES, PULL IN OLD & NEW CONTACTS”, your automation will pull in your existing contacts and new contacts in the future as well.

Smart feature, isn’t it?

Product Update: 11 amazing responsive Email Templates you can use for your campaigns!

Designing your emails might require a little bit of thinking from you. Maybe you just want to be inspired or maybe you want to write only your copy. Anyhow, we just released 11 fully responsive, good-looking email templates that can be customized for your needs.

What are the templates and where to find them?

When you create a new campaign, a redesigned, cool-looking popup will appear. Just click the “Pre-made templates” drop down and you will see 4 categories.

email templates

  • “All” is where you can find every template.
  • “Most used” are the templates that are the most used ones.
  • “One-off” category is for emails you send once and that’s all, you don’t use it ever again for the same purpose.
  • “Promotions” includes all emails that are used for promotions such as sales.

These are the templates you can use:

  • E-book
  • Restaurant
  • Welcome
  • Events
  • Newsletter
  • Notification
  • Product Launch
  • Product Promotion
  • Seasonal Promotion
  • Service Promotion
  • Discount

I hope you like it, more templates will come shortly.

Product Update: Connect up to 17 Social Pages your emails!

Email marketing has the highest impact on sales according to Optinmonster. But social media is also an important part of your marketing – the more touch point you have with your audience, the better your overall sales volume will be.

Therefore, now you can add up to 17 different social media to your emails’ social blocks and footer.

How to add your social media to your emails?

  1. When you’re in the Drag&Drop email builder, you can add a Social Block or click on the footer and choose the “Social Links” tab
  2. You can add new social media page by clicking the “ADD NEW SOCIAL ICON” button
  3. You can choose the Social Media you want to link to from the drop-down and write the exact social media link in the input field

Product Update: Customize your Email Design with Custom Padding

Aesthetics can be very subjective, that’s why at Automizy we believe in customization and we want to provide you all the necessary tools to customize your emails to conform your and your customers taste.

Therefore we would like to inform you that we have made our email editor even more customizable, by enabling you to customize padding in:

  • Title
  • Text
  • Social
  • Button
  • Column

How to customize padding?

  1. Enter the Email editor 
    Email editor
  2. Insert one of the blocks from the top or click into one of your blocks in your email

  3. Under the “Position and Paddings “ check the “Enable custom padding”

    Customize padding

  4. Now you are able to modify the padding horizontally and vertically. Don’t forget that you can do the same in the following blocks as well: Text,Social,Button,Column.Hope you will like it as much as we do!

Product Update: Introducing the “Lead Magnet Delivery” Automation Blueprint Beta

The Lead Magnet Delivery Automation Blueprint helps you get started faster to deliver your freebies to your subscribers who are interested in them.

Lead magnet delivery Automation Template

What problem does this automation blueprint solve?

One of the most important lead generation tools is offering freebies on your websites and landing pages. For example, you offer a free ebook that gives valuable information to your prospects.

I mentioned “freebie”, but in fact it’s not for free. There is a transaction when you offer these pieces just they don’t pay with money. They pay with their email addresses, names or any other information you ask for.

This Blueprint solves this problem for you:

  1. It sends your downloadable freebie to your subscribers
  2. It makes sure your subscribers truly download it using a reminder if they don’t download it right away

What is included in the Automation Blueprint?

Deliver your ebook and make more subscribers actually download it. What you get with the blueprint:

  • Send a welcome email with a link in it to your ebook
  • Resend the email with other copy to those who didn’t open it
  • Add your ebook’s name as a tag to your subscribers so you can track which lead came from which ebook (if you have more than 1)
  • Add the ebook downloaded tag to those who actually downloaded your content so you can easily find out the highly engaged ones
  • Add the “active” tag in the beginning and remove it when they finish the sequence so that you can easily filter them out of your newsletter sending while they are getting automated emails from you.

How to import it?

  1. Login to your Automizy account
  2. Go to “Build Automation” menu
  3. Click “New Automation” button
  4. Choose the “Lead Magnet Delivery” Automation Blueprint by clicking the “NEXT” button
  5. Click “NEXT” again
  6. Click “CREATE”
  7. And it’s done!

Product Update: Show used personal data to your subscribers (GDPR)

It might happen that your subscribers ask you to show what data you store about them. As a business owner and marketer it is your responsibility to fulfill this request. Automizy’s responsibility is to provide this option.

Therefore,  you can export stored data about a subscriber from the profile page to a text file in machine-readable format.

Why is this feature important?

As we wrote in this article about GDPR, one of the most important right of your subscribers is “portability and access”.

It simply means that your subscribers can ask you to send them the data you store in Automizy about them.

Also it’s important that the data you provide is readable by machines and easily reachable when you send it to your subscribers.

How to provide personal data to your subscribers?

  1. Go to Contacts/Lists and click on the View button on the list where your contact isChoose a list
  2. Search for the subscriber you wish to export and click the “VIEW” buttonView subscriber
  3. Click the “EXPORT” button on the profile page and wait for the file to be downloadedExport personal data of a subscriber
  4. Send the downloaded file to your subscriber.

If you want to read it, open it with for example NotePade or NotePad++ on your computer, copy&paste the text for example to this free service.

It generates an easily readable format for humans from the exported data.

Product Update: Add Required and Non-Required fields to your Signup Forms

Collecting information about your subscribers is crucial in order to be able to send relevant, personalized emails. One part of this information is Required (such as email address) and other part of it is optional (anything that isn’t necessary to your emails).

Therefore, from now on you can set whether a custom field in your form is required or not!

How to set up required fields in forms?

  1. Edit or create a new Signup form in the Contacts/Sign up forms menu
  2. Go to the form builder
  3. Click on a form field on the left (the visual editor)
  4. In the slider bar on the right you will see the options
  5. The last option is a checkbox with a text “Required field” that is checked by default. It means that your fields has to be filled out by your subscriber in order to be able to submit your formrequired field in form
  6. If you uncheck this box, the field becomes optional and it is not necessary for your subscriber to fill it out to be able to submit itnon-required field

Product Update: Build GDPR compliant signup forms

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be compulsory for your from 25th of May, 2018. If you want more info on what is GDPR, read this article.

Therefore, we are introducing GDPR compliant signup forms in Automizy!

How to add Privacy and Terms of Use links to signup forms?

  1. Edit or create a new Signup form in the Contacts/Sign up forms menu by clicking the “Create Signup Form” button on the right of the screen
  2. Name your form
  3. You arrive to the form builder.
    On the right slide bar, you can see 2  new check boxes, the second one is checked.Privacy link boxIf you uncheck it, you can see that the text below the button on the left part of the screen (where the form preview is visible) disappears. So don’t uncheck it.If you click into this new block in the form, the options appear on the right slider bar with this text in it:”By submitting this form, you agree the Terms of Use and Privacy of the website.”


    You can edit the text and the links in it. Always change the default links to your webpages as those are just example URLs!

    How to add explicit consent checkboxes to your forms?

    1. Edit or create a new Signup form in the Contacts/Sign up forms menu by clicking the “Create Signup Form” button on the right of the screen
    2. Name your form
    3. You arrive to the form builder.On the right slide bar, you can see 2  new check boxes, the first one is unchecked by default. Click it!On the left side of the screen in the form preview you see a new block becomes visible above the button. It has a checkbox and a text next to it.consent-checkbox-on

      In order to customize the checkbox’s text, click on the block in the form preview.

      In the right slide bar you will see an input field with this default text in it:
      “I consent to having Automizy collect my name and email.”


      Don’t forget to customize this text for every input field you have! You can also add links to your texts.

      GDPR doesn’t require you to add this checkbox to your signup form, but we think it can be a good thing in specific cases to add a plus protection to your website visitors.

Product Update: Introducing a completely new look for Automizy!

Automizy got a completely new look to provide a better user experience! We worked hard for months to make your life much easier: The newly released Automizy 1.5 reduces the number of clicks and the amount of time you need to send newsletters and build automations.

Shortcuts to save time

The first and most important thing is that you get shortcut icons to your dashboards. These icons help you do your most important tasks as fast as never before! Such as importing contacts, building forms, sending newsletters or planning automations.

New Dashboard

Send amazing newsletters in few seconds

Send your newsletters like it’s a walk in the park. Duplicate your previous emails in order to send the next one faster! Choose built-in templates, write Gmail-like simple emails and upload your own HTML templates without any stress.

Also, you can easily filter for your sent, scheduled or draft emails – so finding newsletters is much easier.

New Newsletter table

Plan ahead and execute automated email campaigns faster

The Visual Automation Builder is not just for execution anymore – plan & build automated journeys ahead and add fill it up with content later!

For example, you came up with a great ebook idea for lead generation. You can just sketch the sequence quickly and add the subscriber form (that triggers the automation) and the emails when you finish the design.

New Automation Builder

Find the features you need

The new menu structure lets you find the features you need quicker. The main menu items are listed on the left sidebar, and you can toggle between the sub-menus using different tabs.

Also, you can find any deeper-level settings in the Settings menu if you click the Settings icon in the left bottom corner of your screen.

New menu system

New User Experience: “not our hero but a silent guardian”

We worked hard to create an astonishing experience for you.

dark knight

We believe that reaching your business goal is important. But HOW you reach it is just as important.

Automizy’s new look not only helps you achieve your goals but also makes the process very intuitive – so from now on email marketing will be much more entertaining and not just a mere job that has to be done.

Product Update: New, Easy-To-Use Form Builder

You told us that you’d like to build HTML forms in Automizy in an easier way. Therefore we’re introducing you the new form builder that makes you life easier via its intuitive interface and you don’t have to insert any script to your web page to make it work!

The new form builder is easy, intuitive – you can build your HTML forms in just a few minutes. When you satisfied with it, just copy the generated HTML and paste it to the correspondent place in your web page and it’s working without inserting any tracking script!

How to create a new form:
Step 1: Go to Contacts/Forms and click “CREATE FORM”

Build new form

Step 2: Name your new form

Name your form

Step 3: Now build and customize your form:

Add new fields that are already mapped into Automizy custom fields:
Add custom fields

Add styling of the whole form (set the background color, width of the form and more):

Customize the whole form

Rewrite and stylize the different parts of your forms (the form title, subtitle, the form fields and the button):

Customize the sections of the form

Add different form actions (send the subscriber to a built-in thank you page, to a custom URL, send thank you email and add tags):

Add actions to the form

Step 4: When you built your form, just click on the “INSERT” button, copy and paste the generated HTML code to your web page and track as new subscribers are appearing in Automizy database!

Insert HTML code