Product Update: Trigger your automations for contacts that are already on your list!

Up until now you could only send new contacts to your automations with list or tag trigger. From now on you can decide whether you want to pull in contacts that are already in your Automizy account!

How to do that?

  1. Create an automation with “Joins a list” or “Gets a tag” trigger
  2. Publish it
  3. You will see a popup that asks whether you want to pull in only new contacts or you would like to pull in your existing contacts too.trigger existing contacts
  4. IF you choose “NO, PULL IN ONLY NEW CONTACTS”, naturally the contacts that are already on your list or have this specific tag won’t be pulled into this automation. It will be applied only to new contacts.
    But if you choose “YES, PULL IN OLD & NEW CONTACTS”, your automation will pull in your existing contacts and new contacts in the future as well.

Smart feature, isn’t it?

New Feature: Email Link Tagging for Higher Revenue

Link tagging is a feature that lets you:

  1. Send follow-up emails automatically if your contacts click one or more links in your email
  2. Collect information automatically about what links your subscribers click in your emails
  3. Segment your contacts based on their interest and send manual campaigns

Tips and use-cases

  1. Send nurturing emails based on interest
    Send a newsletter that promotes 4 blog articles from 2 blog categories on your website.
    If your contact clicks on one of your blog articles, Automizy  adds a tag (category name of that article) to it.
    Also, setup an automation which pulls in the contact if he has this tag and send couple of more similar articles in the next few weeks.
  2. Filter for contacts that likes “A” service over “B” and sell more
    Your new form subscribers receive a welcome follow-up email sequence that consists of 3-4 emails.
    Each email has 1-1 link that brings the contacts to different landing pages: landing page that offers service/product “A” and another one that offers service/product “B”.
    When they click-through, you tag them “interested-A” and “interested-B”. A couple of days later you just filter for those in your list for those who have the “interested-A” and haven’t finished the checkout process yet. And you’re ready to send a promotional email to them! The same applies for the other set of people with your other service.

How to set it up?

  1. Easy-peasy:
    Create a drag&drop email in a campaign or in an automation, just add a CTA button (or link to a text) in your email.button and link
  2. You will see that there is a third, completely new “ACTION” tab in the right slider. Click it and you will see every link you add to your email there listed.Action tab
  3. Now click “Add tag” button and create or choose from your existing tags.
    And that’s all!add tag

Do you like this cool new feature?

Product Update: 11 amazing responsive Email Templates you can use for your campaigns!

Designing your emails might require a little bit of thinking from you. Maybe you just want to be inspired or maybe you want to write only your copy. Anyhow, we just released 11 fully responsive, good-looking email templates that can be customized for your needs.

What are the templates and where to find them?

When you create a new campaign, a redesigned, cool-looking popup will appear. Just click the “Pre-made templates” drop down and you will see 4 categories.

email templates

  • “All” is where you can find every template.
  • “Most used” are the templates that are the most used ones.
  • “One-off” category is for emails you send once and that’s all, you don’t use it ever again for the same purpose.
  • “Promotions” includes all emails that are used for promotions such as sales.

These are the templates you can use:

  • E-book
  • Restaurant
  • Welcome
  • Events
  • Newsletter
  • Notification
  • Product Launch
  • Product Promotion
  • Seasonal Promotion
  • Service Promotion
  • Discount

I hope you like it, more templates will come shortly.

Product Update: Connect up to 17 Social Pages your emails!

Email marketing has the highest impact on sales according to Optinmonster. But social media is also an important part of your marketing – the more touch point you have with your audience, the better your overall sales volume will be.

Therefore, now you can add up to 17 different social media to your emails’ social blocks and footer.

How to add your social media to your emails?

  1. When you’re in the Drag&Drop email builder, you can add a Social Block or click on the footer and choose the “Social Links” tab
  2. You can add new social media page by clicking the “ADD NEW SOCIAL ICON” button
  3. You can choose the Social Media you want to link to from the drop-down and write the exact social media link in the input field

New Feature: Subject Line Analyzer – Radically Improve Your Open Rate!

We proudly announce that we released the world’s first Subject Line Analyzer that helps you write the best possible subject lines ever!

Your subject line makes people read your emails – if they don’t open your emails you wasted a lot of effort writing and designing your awesome content.

Not only it helps you improve your open rate way before you even send your campaigns… but it is capable of learning and provide you better results day-by-day!

Unlike other tools that give questionable scores based on best practices or 1-2 old researches, the Subject Line Analyzer continuously  improves itself, learns from Automizy users’ campaigns and gives you the best possible scores based on the most recent findings.

Introducing the first ever Subject Line Analyzer on the market that is run by an AI (called Mizy). Read more about how it works here.

How does Mizy calculate the Score?

The score is Automizy’s proprietary calculation which shows how good your subject lines are compared to other subject lines used by other users.

It means that Mizy (the AI) retrains her neurons based on data such as most recently sent campaigns’ subject lines and the performance of these campaigns and automated emails (open and click rate).

As you might know, a lot of factors affect your open rate, such as:

  • Sending time&frequency (your subscribers will more likely to skip an email if it doesn’t arrive on time or if they get too many emails they might mark it as spam or unsubscribe)
  • The engagement level of your subscribers (more engaged subscribers will more likely to open your emails)
  • Your brand recognition (how well-known and recognized the sender email and name among your subscribers)
  • Your industry (different industries have different average open rate)
  • Your preview text (the text after the subject line)
  • Your Subject Line (subject lines that resonates better with your target audience will have higher open rate)

There might still be other factors that affect your open rate (e.g. list size, or personalization, etc.).

Your subject line has a very big effect on your open rate without a doubt: according to Consumerpulse a good subject line is key to increase open rates.

Therefore, best practices, old researches, “marketing professionals” try to teach you how to write good ones and tell you that subject lines are better, if:

…and who knows what else… google it, you will be shocked how many hints there are. Nice tips, sounds useful. But to be honest: it is not! Why? Because there is no  proof what they say is relevant to your actual situation.

You need a personal advisor who doesn’t tell you general or even bad advices. It has to give you feedback on how good your subject line is based on real, recent and valid data.

Mizy, the AI scans Automizy users’ campaigns and checks how well it perform. The deep learning approach is very good to process a lot of badly structured data. It understands what are the key factors that truly influence your open rate.

Based on her findings he calculates a relative number. It shows how good your actual subject line is compared to others’ subject lines.

Try to improve your score by doing tweaks to your subject line. This way the chance of getting more opens for your campaigns will be much higher – which eventually causes higher conversion rate and more sales.

How to test your subject lines?

When you create an email for a campaign or an automation you will certainly meet this brand new feature.

  1. On the SET UP EMAIL step you will see a strength signal below your subject line input field. It represents how well you subject line would perform according to Mizy.
  3. You will see a popup showing the score of your actual subject line. Now click the “TEST A NEW ONE” button
  4. Write your new subject line and click “TEST SUBJECT”
  5. Next, you can try new subject lines until you reach higher score. When you’re satisfied with it, just click the “CHOOSE” button. You can build and send your email!

Product Update: Customize your Email Design with Custom Padding

Aesthetics can be very subjective, that’s why at Automizy we believe in customization and we want to provide you all the necessary tools to customize your emails to conform your and your customers taste.

Therefore we would like to inform you that we have made our email editor even more customizable, by enabling you to customize padding in:

  • Title
  • Text
  • Social
  • Button
  • Column

How to customize padding?

  1. Enter the Email editor 
    Email editor
  2. Insert one of the blocks from the top or click into one of your blocks in your email

  3. Under the “Position and Paddings “ check the “Enable custom padding”

    Customize padding

  4. Now you are able to modify the padding horizontally and vertically. Don’t forget that you can do the same in the following blocks as well: Text,Social,Button,Column.Hope you will like it as much as we do!

New Feature: AB test your Automated Emails using Machine Learning

AB testing your automated emails’ subject lines is challenging but necessary if you want to improve your open rate and make more people read your emails.
Therefore, we are introducing AB test for your automated emails that harnesses the power of Machine Learning.

Automation AB test

Why should you use Machine Learning to AB test your subject lines?

There are two big arguments to use this technology:

  1. It makes testing very easy as it handles everything for you (regarding the testing rules such as significance level or testing size, etc.)Believe it or not, setting up this testing requires from you only 1 thing: write multiple subject lines. And the tech behind it adaptively learns which subject line variation performs better and always plays around with the sending weight. After a little time it will understand which version performs better on average and will continuously increase the open rate of your emails.
  2. It’s a cool tech that looks at only HARD DATA without any emotion and makes decision based on that. Marketers are creative when it comes to writing – that is where humans excel. But when it comes to data, our emotions usually drives us to decisions that are not always the best. We like something but our target market might like something else better. And this is the topic where machines are better than humans: continuous optimization.
    Read more about how Machine Learning for AB testing works

How to setup an AB test for your automated emails?

  1. Build a new automation
  2. Create a trigger
  3. Add an email sending box and choose a template
  4. On the SET UP EMAIL step click the “A/B TEST MULTIPLE SUBJECT LINES” button
  5. Build your email
  6. Publish your automation
  7. Done, from now on the Machine Learning algorithm in the background optimizes and continuously improves your open rate by sending the email that has the higher opportunity to be opened and read!

New Feature: Run AB tests for your campaigns’ subject lines

The biggest challenge is to make your subscribers read your emails. No matter how good your email copy is if you can’t make your subscribers open it.
Therefore, we are introducing AB test for your subject lines.

How to setup an AB test?

  1. Create a new campaign or duplicate a previous one in the “Send Campaigns” menu
  2. Choose a template and click the “CREATE” button in the right bottom corner of the popup
  3. Below the subject line you will see a new button “A/B TEST MULTIPLE SUBJECT LINES”, click it

  4. After you clicked it you will see a lot of options:
    1. You can add up to 4 subject lines
    2. You can decide how big the testing size should be  on the slider
    3. You can decide whether you want Mizy to automatically send the variation to the rest of your list that performs the best (has the highest open rate during the test) or you would like to decide manually which variation performed better
    4. You can define the length of the testing period
      Set up AB test
  5. Now build your email, choose your Target audience. It’s a good best practice that under 1000 contacts it’s not the best to conduct AB test but there might be cases when it still valid
  6. Send your email and check the stats! 🙂
    AB test analytics

Product Update: Introducing the “Lead Magnet Delivery” Automation Blueprint Beta

The Lead Magnet Delivery Automation Blueprint helps you get started faster to deliver your freebies to your subscribers who are interested in them.

Lead magnet delivery Automation Template

What problem does this automation blueprint solve?

One of the most important lead generation tools is offering freebies on your websites and landing pages. For example, you offer a free ebook that gives valuable information to your prospects.

I mentioned “freebie”, but in fact it’s not for free. There is a transaction when you offer these pieces just they don’t pay with money. They pay with their email addresses, names or any other information you ask for.

This Blueprint solves this problem for you:

  1. It sends your downloadable freebie to your subscribers
  2. It makes sure your subscribers truly download it using a reminder if they don’t download it right away

What is included in the Automation Blueprint?

Deliver your ebook and make more subscribers actually download it. What you get with the blueprint:

  • Send a welcome email with a link in it to your ebook
  • Resend the email with other copy to those who didn’t open it
  • Add your ebook’s name as a tag to your subscribers so you can track which lead came from which ebook (if you have more than 1)
  • Add the ebook downloaded tag to those who actually downloaded your content so you can easily find out the highly engaged ones
  • Add the “active” tag in the beginning and remove it when they finish the sequence so that you can easily filter them out of your newsletter sending while they are getting automated emails from you.

How to import it?

  1. Login to your Automizy account
  2. Go to “Build Automation” menu
  3. Click “New Automation” button
  4. Choose the “Lead Magnet Delivery” Automation Blueprint by clicking the “NEXT” button
  5. Click “NEXT” again
  6. Click “CREATE”
  7. And it’s done!

New Feature: Use Automation Blueprint BETA for your own automations

Automating your email marketing activities is important but it takes a lot of time and effort to build them. Also, it is not always clear what type of automations are the most useful, what emails you should send and what tags you should use.

Therefore, we are introducing Automation Blueprints that can be imported  into your own account and used  for your own business with one click.

automation blueprint

What is an Automation Blueprint?

As Automizy’s mission is to add marketing knowledge to the pure software to make it easy-to-use and business focused, we are introducing Automation Blueprints.

Automation Blueprints are importable automation templates covering more and more possible use-cases for your business:

  • helps you find how you could increase your business’ email marketing automation efforts
  • helps you save time by offering customizable & prewritten emails
  • helps you keep your list clean by adding a rock-solid tagging system that lets you filter your subscribers

Automation Blueprints are based on best practices, experience and customer feedbacks.

Why is it in BETA?

First of all, “Beta” means that everything works just fine as expected. But we’re still looking for feedback from you – so it will be improved in the next few months based on your needs.

Secondly, we shared only 1 blueprint for the launch of this beta. We’re currently working on 4-5 more templates but it takes time and effort to learn and implement the needs.

So please, if you have any request and/or feedback regarding the feature, or if you have an idea or need regarding new blueprints, don’t hesitate to send an in-app message!

How to import Automation Blueprints BETA in to your account?

Firstly, click the “Automations” menu in the left slider bar.

Secondly, click the “NEW AUTOMATION” button.

Now you see a new popup, which currently includes 2 options below each other:

  • “Start with blank canvas”: Build an automation for yourself from scratch. The same as we had up until now.
  • “Welcome New Subscribers & Gifts”: It is a blueprint that consists of 1 welcome email and 2 follow-up emails for new blog or newsletter subscribers. Check it out, it’s awesome!

automation blueprint