Product Update: Trigger your automations for contacts that are already on your list!

Up until now you could only send new contacts to your automations with list or tag trigger. From now on you can decide whether you want to pull in contacts that are already in your Automizy account!

How to do that?

  1. Create an automation with “Joins a list” or “Gets a tag” trigger
  2. Publish it
  3. You will see a popup that asks whether you want to pull in only new contacts or you would like to pull in your existing contacts too.trigger existing contacts
  4. IF you choose “NO, PULL IN ONLY NEW CONTACTS”, naturally the contacts that are already on your list or have this specific tag won’t be pulled into this automation. It will be applied only to new contacts.
    But if you choose “YES, PULL IN OLD & NEW CONTACTS”, your automation will pull in your existing contacts and new contacts in the future as well.

Smart feature, isn’t it?

New Feature: Email Link Tagging for Higher Revenue

Link tagging is a feature that lets you:

  1. Send follow-up emails automatically if your contacts click one or more links in your email
  2. Collect information automatically about what links your subscribers click in your emails
  3. Segment your contacts based on their interest and send manual campaigns

Tips and use-cases

  1. Send nurturing emails based on interest
    Send a newsletter that promotes 4 blog articles from 2 blog categories on your website.
    If your contact clicks on one of your blog articles, Automizy  adds a tag (category name of that article) to it.
    Also, setup an automation which pulls in the contact if he has this tag and send couple of more similar articles in the next few weeks.
  2. Filter for contacts that likes “A” service over “B” and sell more
    Your new form subscribers receive a welcome follow-up email sequence that consists of 3-4 emails.
    Each email has 1-1 link that brings the contacts to different landing pages: landing page that offers service/product “A” and another one that offers service/product “B”.
    When they click-through, you tag them “interested-A” and “interested-B”. A couple of days later you just filter for those in your list for those who have the “interested-A” and haven’t finished the checkout process yet. And you’re ready to send a promotional email to them! The same applies for the other set of people with your other service.

How to set it up?

  1. Easy-peasy:
    Create a drag&drop email in a campaign or in an automation, just add a CTA button (or link to a text) in your email.button and link
  2. You will see that there is a third, completely new “ACTION” tab in the right slider. Click it and you will see every link you add to your email there listed.Action tab
  3. Now click “Add tag” button and create or choose from your existing tags.
    And that’s all!add tag

Do you like this cool new feature?