New Feature: Run AB tests for your campaigns’ subject lines

The biggest challenge is to make your subscribers read your emails. No matter how good your email copy is if you can’t make your subscribers open it.
Therefore, we are introducing AB test for your subject lines.

How to setup an AB test?

  1. Create a new campaign or duplicate a previous one in the “Send Campaigns” menu
  2. Choose a template and click the “CREATE” button in the right bottom corner of the popup
  3. Below the subject line you will see a new button “A/B TEST MULTIPLE SUBJECT LINES”, click it

  4. After you clicked it you will see a lot of options:
    1. You can add up to 4 subject lines
    2. You can decide how big the testing size should be  on the slider
    3. You can decide whether you want Mizy to automatically send the variation to the rest of your list that performs the best (has the highest open rate during the test) or you would like to decide manually which variation performed better
    4. You can define the length of the testing period
      Set up AB test
  5. Now build your email, choose your Target audience. It’s a good best practice that under 1000 contacts it’s not the best to conduct AB test but there might be cases when it still valid
  6. Send your email and check the stats! 🙂
    AB test analytics
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Author: Viktor | Head of Product

Viktor joined Automizy as an online marketer. As he has experience with marketing technologies he started to work on the software - simply because he knows what challenges marketers face using a marketing software. This is why he is now our product owner at Automizy.