New Feature: Run AB tests for your campaigns’ subject lines

The biggest challenge is to make your subscribers read your emails. No matter how good your email copy is if you can’t make your subscribers open it.
Therefore, we are introducing AB test for your subject lines.

How to setup an AB test?

  1. Create a new campaign or duplicate a previous one in the “Send Campaigns” menu
  2. Choose a template and click the “CREATE” button in the right bottom corner of the popup
  3. Below the subject line you will see a new button “A/B TEST MULTIPLE SUBJECT LINES”, click it

  4. After you clicked it you will see a lot of options:
    1. You can add up to 4 subject lines
    2. You can decide how big the testing size should be  on the slider
    3. You can decide whether you want Mizy to automatically send the variation to the rest of your list that performs the best (has the highest open rate during the test) or you would like to decide manually which variation performed better
    4. You can define the length of the testing period
      Set up AB test
  5. Now build your email, choose your Target audience. It’s a good best practice that under 1000 contacts it’s not the best to conduct AB test but there might be cases when it still valid
  6. Send your email and check the stats! 🙂
    AB test analytics

Product Update: Introducing the “Lead Magnet Delivery” Automation Blueprint Beta

The Lead Magnet Delivery Automation Blueprint helps you get started faster to deliver your freebies to your subscribers who are interested in them.

Lead magnet delivery Automation Template

What problem does this automation blueprint solve?

One of the most important lead generation tools is offering freebies on your websites and landing pages. For example, you offer a free ebook that gives valuable information to your prospects.

I mentioned “freebie”, but in fact it’s not for free. There is a transaction when you offer these pieces just they don’t pay with money. They pay with their email addresses, names or any other information you ask for.

This Blueprint solves this problem for you:

  1. It sends your downloadable freebie to your subscribers
  2. It makes sure your subscribers truly download it using a reminder if they don’t download it right away

What is included in the Automation Blueprint?

Deliver your ebook and make more subscribers actually download it. What you get with the blueprint:

  • Send a welcome email with a link in it to your ebook
  • Resend the email with other copy to those who didn’t open it
  • Add your ebook’s name as a tag to your subscribers so you can track which lead came from which ebook (if you have more than 1)
  • Add the ebook downloaded tag to those who actually downloaded your content so you can easily find out the highly engaged ones
  • Add the “active” tag in the beginning and remove it when they finish the sequence so that you can easily filter them out of your newsletter sending while they are getting automated emails from you.

How to import it?

  1. Login to your Automizy account
  2. Go to “Build Automation” menu
  3. Click “New Automation” button
  4. Choose the “Lead Magnet Delivery” Automation Blueprint by clicking the “NEXT” button
  5. Click “NEXT” again
  6. Click “CREATE”
  7. And it’s done!