New Feature: Add emojis to your Subject Lines and Email Copy

The fight for your subscribers’ attention is difficult.┬áStanding out in inboxes is a challenging task due to the fierce competition. You have to be unique, visually recognizable and you have to grab the attention of your subscribers right away.

Therefore, we are introducing EMOJIs in Automizy emails.

How to add emojis to my subject lines?

When you edit, create or duplicate a newsletter or automation email, you can see that next to the subject line input field a new element appeared: a smile icon. If you click it, you will see a popover with tons of emojis in it. Pick one and it will add the emoji to your subject line where your cursor is.


How to add emojis to my emails bopy?

You can add emojis to the body copy of your email too. Just search for an emoji on getemojis, mark it with your cursor, copy it and insert it into the body copy of your email in Automizy.

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Author: Viktor | Head of Product

Viktor joined Automizy as an online marketer. As he has experience with marketing technologies he started to work on the software - simply because he knows what challenges marketers face using a marketing software. This is why he is now our product owner at Automizy.