Product Update: New, Easy-To-Use Form Builder

You told us that you’d like to build HTML forms in Automizy in an easier way. Therefore we’re introducing you the new form builder that makes you life easier via its intuitive interface and you don’t have to insert any script to your web page to make it work!

The new form builder is easy, intuitive – you can build your HTML forms in just a few minutes. When you satisfied with it, just copy the generated HTML and paste it to the correspondent place in your web page and it’s working without inserting any tracking script!

How to create a new form:
Step 1: Go to Contacts/Forms and click “CREATE FORM”

Build new form

Step 2: Name your new form

Name your form

Step 3: Now build and customize your form:

Add new fields that are already mapped into Automizy custom fields:
Add custom fields

Add styling of the whole form (set the background color, width of the form and more):

Customize the whole form

Rewrite and stylize the different parts of your forms (the form title, subtitle, the form fields and the button):

Customize the sections of the form

Add different form actions (send the subscriber to a built-in thank you page, to a custom URL, send thank you email and add tags):

Add actions to the form

Step 4: When you built your form, just click on the “INSERT” button, copy and paste the generated HTML code to your web page and track as new subscribers are appearing in Automizy database!

Insert HTML code

Product Update: Import Contacts Easily

Contact Data migration now is easier than ever! The new, easy-to-follow process helps you import your contacts into Automizy using CSV format.

In the previous version of the “Import Contacts” process it was difficult to upload contacts and their data into Automizy database.
Therefore, the new Contact Data Migration process is renewed! Now you can upload your contacts to Automizy in a step-by-step process, following a wizard that shows you the process transparently.

It is 4-step process:

1. step: Go to Contacts/Complete list and click on “IMPORT CONTACTS”

2. step: Firstly, you have 2 choices: throw a CSV file from your computer on the interface to import it. Or you can also try it by downloading a sample CSV list from us and importing that list by adding it to the interface. The second option is for people who doesn’t have a list or who would like to try the importing process.

Add your contacts in CSV format

3. step: Now you can match the different types of contact data in your CSV file with custom fields on Automizy. If you scroll down, you can add contact tags to every contact in the importing process and you can also create and add them to a segment.

Map data into custom fields

Add tags to contacts and create segment

4. step: After you hit the “Start import” button, you can wait for the process to be finished or you can leave the process and let it run in the background. After Automizy uploaded your contact list, you can send them emails right away!

You imported your contacts