New Integration: OptiMonk

Generate leads with Optimonk on site retargeting solution and send your contacts straight into Automizy!

OptiMonk provides websites and online stores with on-site retargeting – a powerful new marketing tool for engaging and re-engaging their visitors via behavior based pop-ups and nano bars.

OptiMonk easily integrates now with Automizy too, allowing businesses and website owners to recover up to 15% of lost visitors and convert them into sales and leads using a perfectly timed message which can be customized for each visitor.


Getting Started Guide

If you would like to send your leads from OptiMonk to Automizy automatically, follow the steps below:

  1. Create an OptiMonk account (or log in to your existing account)
  2. Build a pop-up or nanobar campaign

    OptiMonk: Popup or nanobar

  3. After you finished the design of the popup, click Save
  4. Scroll down to Integrations section on the Settings screen

    Integrations section

  5. After you click on the question “Where would you like to keep the list of subscribers?”, click on the “Set up” button at the External System paragraph

    Click Setup

  6. Choose Automizy in the popup window

    Choose Automizy

  7. Click on the Authentication link

    Authentication link

  8. Log in to your Automizy account

From now on you will see that your subscribers will appear in Automizy system too – therefore you can choose Optimonk form as a trigger for your automations, you can add Contact Tags in Optimonk to label your contacts and measure the end-to-end effectiveness of your popup or nanobar campaigns or you can send bulk emails to them!