New Feature: Contact Journey

Contact Journey is a very important part of your subscriber’s Contact Profiles: you can see the history of your subscriber on a timeline with important information.

Do you want to see which emails were sent to a subscriber, which were opened or clicked by that person and when exactly?

Contact Journey is for you. Here are the interesting data you can see about your subscribers:

  • Which bulk or automated emails she/he received?
  • Which emails were opened or clicked?
  • Which forms were submitted?
  • What type of automation did he enter or leave?

Awesome feature if you would like to understand your subscribers’ journeys, especially if you use automated tagging option!

Contact Journey

Product Update: Enhanced Contact Profiles

Contact profiles are important for marketers, sales reps and of course for customer success managers. So we upgraded the contact profiles: more valuable, organized information has arrived!

In the previous version of the contact pages you could see a big list that contained valuable information. But from now on, you can see the information in a much more structured way. Hence, you will be able to gather the necessary information about your subscriber very rapidly!

These are the information types you can see:

  • Contact Information (name, position, email address, web page)
  • Engagement Level (Average open or click rate of the contact, Status and Lead Score)
  • Contact Tags
  • Custom fields with values

New contact profile page

Product Update: Publish Automated Workflows from the editor

We changed the way you can activate your automated workflows in Automizy. From now on you will be able to do it from the Visual Workflow editor.

We saw that it was difficult to activate your automations from the list of Workflows. It was a high risk to make mistakes: it was easy to forget to activate your workflows or you accidentally activated it.

Therefore we relocated from the Automation/Workflows menu to the Visual Workflow editor. Also, we hid a little gift too from Mizy when you publish a workflow. 😉

The old Workflow Activation:

Activate workflow

The new Workflow Publish:

Publish workflow