Product Update: In-depth & real-time automated email analytics

Evaluate the performance of each email in your drip campaigns easily and dig deeper to identify the root of the problem itself!

It’s important to know the overall performance of your drip campaigns, so we created the Automation Dashboard. This is your own radar that warns you as soon as abnormalities arise.

Not long ago, we also released the Workflow Analytics feature that helps you compare the overall performances of your drip campaigns.

And now you can dig much deeper!

Main metrics of automated emails

If you enter one of your workflows that have at least 1 email sending action in it and turn on the “Statistics” icon, you will see that a slider appears on the right side of the Visual Workflow Editor.

This slider shows you every email you have in your drip campaign and by choosing them by moving your mouse cursor above the email sending box in your drip or above the slider, you will see which email you are looking at.

The slider shows you the main metrics of your automated emails such as sending volume, open-, click- and unsubscription rate. Comparing the performances of your emails are very easy.

Main metrics of drip emails

In-depth, real-time analytics of automated emails

But the key metrics not always give you the necessary information that shows you how to intervene – so dig even deeper!

Simply click the “details” button on the email you would like to see in details. A new slider will appear that will give you real-time data about the different metrics:

  • Bounces (soft or hard bounces)
  • Shares (on different social media)
  • Timeline of opens
  • Timeline of Clicks
  • Devices per opens & clicks
  • Operation systems per opens & clicks
  • Browsers per opens & clicks
  • Domains per opens & clicks
  • Top 5 domains per open rate & click rate

In-depth metrics of automated emails 1


In-depth metrics of automated emails 2

New Feature: Workflow Analytics – Compare your automations

In the brand new workflow analytics, you can see how your drip campaigns are performing. Identify the bottlenecks, evaluate your campaigns and intervene if necessary!

If you have a workflow that has at least 1 email sending action on it, you will be able to see the most important, merged metrics.

You will be able to compare your different drip campaigns based on the overall performance of the campaigns workflow by workflow.

You are able to track the following metrics:

  • how many emails were sent from that drip  campaign since it is active,
  • how high is your actual open, click, unsubscription rate,
  • how many contacts has ever entered the workflow,
  • how many contacts are actually going on your workflow.

Workflow analytics